Mini Documentary Series “The New TV Landscape” Posted on

2020 Vision is a neat documentary series exploring the future of television. Episode 1 features Mark Holden in “A Media Perspective”. Imagine not only Netflix knows your preferences but your whole TV knows exactly who your are and can channel specific content to you via voice recognition. Wild? Not in 2015.

Dan Wieden’s episode “A Creative Perspective” is out and not to miss. Catch the whole series on Think TV’s 2020 Vision channel.


Creative Mornings Posted on

Creative Mornings, a monthly breakfast lecture series, is quite delightful and features some real amazing speakers. Aaron James Draplin packed the house hard. For obvious reasons. Chris Guillebeau, traveler, fighter of the status quo and author of “The $100 Start Up” is going to inspire Portland on May 4th. See you there!

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Re: Brief Posted on

As an ode to Internet Advertising’s 18th birthday Google has designed an experiment, Project Re:Brief to re-imagine what advertising can be an push the boundaries of how creative ideas and today’s technology can work hand in hand. Check out these re:briefs

Coca-Cola “Hilltop” - Volvo “Drive It Like You Hate It” - Alka-Seltzer “I Can’t Believe I Ate The Whole Thing” - Avis “We Try Harder”

Does make us think about Iain Tait leaving Wieden + Kennedy to join Google. Coincidence?


Friday Food For Thought Posted on

Alas, our doors are closed for this month’s #EastSideFriday, but that doesn’t mean Sandy has no food for thought this week.

Enjoy and happy First Friday!

Google Glass













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Storytelling at U of O Posted on


















Uli Beutter Cohen and Jesus Cameron were invited to speak in Eugene at the University of Oregon advertising program last month on the topic of storytelling. It was a great opportunity to share how we  create, curate, and what we believe in. The students added tremendously to our talk with thoughtful questions and unexpected insights.

Last week this rad gift arrived in the mail. Big thanks to the U of O for having us, and to the students for creating an inspiring exchange of creative thought.

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#EastSideFriday – Femme Fatale Posted on


















#EastSideFriday arrived once again as Sandymontana was host to the hauntingly beautiful photography of Mikola Accuardi’s Femme Fatale exhibit.  Witness to this transformation were plenty of familiar faces, as well as many new and welcome guests from our east side community.

The guys at Marmoset Music gave of us access to a killer set from D.J’s, Josh and Andrew of Beacon Sound with DJvsNature. Their 60’s-styled soundtrack threw a psychedelic mirage of music through our space and brought the Femme Fatales alive. We’d like to thank everyone who showed up to help make this another successful #EastSideFriday, as well as Mikola for collaborating with Sandymontana and showcasing her wonderful photography.

Check out our Facebook page to see our photos from the night.

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5 Questions and 5 Answers with Mikola Accuardi Posted on
















5 Questions and 5 Answers with Mikola Accuardi.

1. Two truths and a lie about you please.
-I speak German.
-My first word was begonia.
-I have a crush on Bob Dylan

2. Tell us about your First Friday show, who are the subjects? What was your inspiration behind the show?
I find that I get inspired by femininity and shooting the subjects, they are all my muses. Femme Fatale is a collection of work I’ve made over the past few months, drawn from multiple shoots, that has really been inspired by the girls that I shoot.

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New York Fashion Week 2012 Posted on

Last year, we collaborated with Prabal Gurung on his Resort 2011 Collection. Since then we have been fortunate to witness and support the evolution of the designer and his growing empire.

This year, we joined the PG team during fashion week to lead his social media campaign and create content around his Fall 2012 Collection.

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David Choe Is Rich Posted on

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’ve probably heard of the amazing story of artist David Choe, who in 2005 painted the start-up offices of Facebook and opted for stock as payment (stock which is now estimated to worth $200 million). Now as a result of this decision (and not his art), he has been the object of desire for every news organization under the sun from ABC to Al-Jazeera.

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Oddserving #EastSideFriday Posted on

For First Friday we packed our halls with cheerful Oddservers eager to check out the otherworldly art of Bryce Pedersen. While Bryce’s artwork took us on a transdimensional tour, the wicked music from our friends at Marmoset Music and Beacon Sound lit up our souls.

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