Nike Basketball
LeBron 9 “Bigger Bang”

Strategy / Creative Development / Production

The LeBron 9 is at the the leading edge of advanced Nike design. The incredible fusion of aesthetics and technology represents the best of what Nike’s Innovation Kitchen is all about. Working with Nike Basketball, we launched the product with an aim to elevate its remarkable features. LeBron James is a monumental athlete and this shoe is a reflection of him (his experience and talent), so we wanted to capture this magnitude. After gaining insights with the shoe’s designer and understanding how it is built and fused together, we had all the elements to create a top-shelf manifestation of the shoe’s significance and superiority.

Channeling our inner Carl Sagan, we constructed a piece that uses deep space elements and morphs them into the LBJ-9, creating a product superiority piece that is galactic in scope. A broad range of blogs including, Hypebeast, Nicekicks, Highsnobiety and Kicksonfire have featured the video and have taken time to write well thought out articles about “Big bang”; it even got picked up to be re-cut and shown during Euro League games. Since its launch date, the video has received awesome feedback in the Nike Facebook community of over 3 million followers and has created a large buzz within the virtual space.